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Sunday 29 November..

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handled dish with pears, 36 x 30 cms


The pots are decorated either with thin white slip, which lets the colour of the earthenware body through, or with thick slip that is brushed on to the pot while it is rotating on the wheel. Find out more about experiments with paper resist, using colour infill and slip trailing in techniques...


Josie Walter's fascination with kitchenware is evident in her book 'Pots in the Kitchen' (Crowood Press, 2002). See sources for details of books featuring Josie's work and articles which includes her recent Ceramic Review profile of Matthew Blakely



Josie Walter makes tableware and cooking pots in earthenware clay, which are decorated with slips and coloured glazes. Most of the pots are thrown on a traditional momentum wheel, even though many of the finished shapes are oval or rectangular.
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